TalentEx-Rus (Russia) Launches Online Japanese Language Courses “Yaponyal” Designed Specially for IT Engineers

TalentEx-Rus (Russia) launches online Japanese language courses “Yaponyal” to teach Japanese language to IT engineers with Japanese IT business culture seminars.

TalentEx-Rus (Russia) launched a new online Japanese language course named “Yaponyal” for Russian speaking IT talents.

Yaponyal is designed to teach not only Japanese language itself but Japanese IT business culture and IT words/phrases necessary to work in Japanese IT fields.

Russia and CIS countries have been producing a number of high skilled IT engineers.

TalentEx’s new language course Yaponyal aims to support Russian IT talents to work with Japanese IT companies more easily with Japanese language skills and knowledge about Japanese IT business culture.

All the lessons are online so people can have access to Yaponyal no matter where they are. In addition, lessons in Yaponyal are taught by professional teachers who teach Japanese in universities and a Russian-speaking Japanese native.

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