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To Empower and Maximize “Human” Potential with TECHNOLOGY

TalentEx Japan
・Consulting for Global Marketing
"TEX - Advisory"

・Online Salon for Japanese Entrepreneurs
Kosikuro (コシクロ)

・Owned-Media specialized in IT business

・Japanese speaking talents from around the world
Wakuwaku global

TalentEx Thailand
・Recruiting Platform for Japanese Speaking Talents

・Job Fair Event for Japanese Speaking Talents
"WakuWaku Job Fair"

・Robotics Automation tool for Effective Work

・Co-working Space for Global Entrepreneurs
MonstarHub Bangkok
TalentEx Russia
・Help to employ remote IT teams
"Remote Team 3.0"

・Russia/CIS Tech Talents Community
"Cyber Samurai"

・Japanese Language education for Russian Speaking Programmers
Yojiro Koshi – 越 陽二郎

Yojiro Koshi spent his childhood in New York.
Having graduated from Tokyo University, he started his career in a consulting company.
He started to work in startup to create a new social value.

In 2011 the startup company Nobot he was working for was sold out to mediba KDDI group.
In 2013 he started his business in Singapore and Thailand.
In 2018 he also launched new projects in Russia and CIS nations.

TalentEx expands its projects not only in Japan but globally with his slogan “To empower and maximize human potential with technology”.

TalentEx Japan

Our Projects in Japan

TEX Advisory
Support to expand their business into global markets such as Thailand, Russia, Singapore and so forth with our own startup experience and local connections.
Kosikuro (コシクロ)
Online closed community on Facebook in which CEO Koshi Yojiro and his business colleagues share, exchange, have communication to encourage their challenges in the world.
TalentEx’s Owned-Media provides with informative articles about cutting-edged countries in their IT business spheres.
Wakuwaku Global
We discover Japanese speaking talents from the world who match companies’ demands in detail such as Japanese language level, work experience and so forth.
TalentEx Thailand

Our Projects in Thailand
Recruiting platforms where Japanese speaking talents can be found based on detailed requirements such as JLPT levels, Study abroad experience and so forth.
WakuWaku Job Fair
Annual job fair in Bangkok where various Japanese companies run their interview booths and match with Thai Japanese language speakers.
MICHIRU RPA is a robotics automation system that learns repeative daily tasks and automates the process to decrease labor tasks.
MonstarHub Bangkok
TalentEx is a member of MonstarHub Bangkok: Co-working space hub for global entrepreneurs which is designed to meet any working needs for business.

TalentEx Russia

Our Projects in Russia

Cyber Samurai
Online community for Russian speaking engineers who learn about Japanese language and Japanese business culture with the goal of working for Japanese companies in the future.
Japanese language lesson specialized for Russian speaking programmers where students learn not only Japanese language but frequent words / phrases in IT spheres.
Remote Team 3.0
IT professionals from CIS countries such as Russia have high level skills with relatively low labor costs. We support companies to employ such IT talents and create remote IT-force teams.
TalentEx Group

News Release

Business in JAPAN
Job Fair / Engineer Recruitment Support / Online Salon
Business in Thailand
Job Fair / WakuWaku / RPA
Business in Russia
IT Online Community / Japanese Lesson for Engineers / Remote IT team

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Company Information

Singapore Headquarter

NameTalentEx Pte. Ltd.
CEOYojiro Koshi
Capital516,000 SGD
Foundation DateOctober, 2013
AdressSingapore HQ TALENTEX PTE. LTD. 6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#12-17 The    Central Singapore 059817 
Business AreaFinance & Headquarter

Thailand (Southeast Asia office)

NameTalentEx (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
CEOYojiro Koshi
Capital3,000,000 Thai Baht
Foundation DateNovember, 2013
Adress18 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Khwaeng Khlong Toei,
Khet Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110
Business Area①Japanese speaking talents recruitment support
②RPA software

Russia (CIS/EU office)

NameLLC TalentEx Rus
CEOAlina Khaliullina
Capital10,000 Ruble
Foundation FateAugust, 2018
AdressOffice 305, bldg2, Nokolaya Stolbova street,
Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, 420021
Business Area①Russian speaking IT engineers recruitment support 
②Remote engineers recruitment support

Japan (Japan office)

CEOYojiro Koshi
Capital 1,000,000 Yen (100% Subsidiary)
Foundation DateSeptember, 2018
AdressNew update soon (under office relocation)
Business Area①Foreign talents recruitment support
②Global business advisory/consulting