TalentEx JAPAN

We connect people from overseas and Japan

Japanese Speaking Global Talents x Japanese Companies

Access to Japanese language speaking talents from around the world 「Waku Waku」

Smart recrutting platform to meet the companies’ demands of seeking Japanese language speaking talents from the world.

WakuWaku.world」 supports companies to place HR ads and recruit people. We hold job fair “WakuWaku Job Fair” twice a year and builds a bridge between recruiters and applicants.

Companies can look for Japanese speaking talents based on detailed requirement such as study abroad experience in Japan, JLPT level and so forth.

WakuWaku Job Fair

We are planning to hold 10th “WakuWaku Job Fair” in 2021 where various Japanese companies and Japanese speaking talents match each other.

Japan’s public broadcaster NHK and other international broadcasters also featured our “WakuWaku Job Fair” with a lot of participants.

「WakuWaku Job Fair [Global]」offers a place where companies can meet people who are already working in Japan as well.

IT engineers from Russia / CIS countries x Japanese companies

IT engineer recruitment support

Japan’s IT industry faces a shortage of IT engineers. TalentEX introduces Japanese IT companies to IT talents from Russia and CIS countries.

Access to professional IT global talents

IT talents recruitment from the world

Russia and CIS countries are famous for high level education in science and mathematics spheres not to mention IT.

We support Japanese IT companies that seek professional engineers from the world including Russia/CIS countries.

In addition, we conduct Japanese language education for IT talents and support to build remote-working team without coming to Japan.

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Professional IT Talents x Japanese Companies

Remote IT team from the world

It is not easy to find professional IT engineers at specific IT fields in Japan which suffers from a shortage of IT talents.

TalentEX supports Japanese companies to match with high qualified IT engineers from Russia and CIS countries who are professional at a niche sphere.

We have supported engineers to come to Japan for work and some of our clients succeeded to build remote IT team from Russia with our support.

Japanese challenging in the world x Japanese companies

Build a bridge to access to the world

Advisory for starting a global business

TalentEX groups have built our buisness in Asian countries(Singapour/Thailand), CIS countries (Russia) and other Europian countries as well.

We use our own global startup experiences and local connections to help people to start their business and challenge around the world.

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Community for Japanese Entrepreneurs

Online salon for Japanese entrepreneurs

“Kosikuro” is an Online community salon to help entrepreneurs and business persons for their challenge in the world.

We share our own experience and stories about the business and exchange advice/opinions in a closed Facebook community .